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Gemstone Crystal System Density Hardness Refractive index Treatments
Tiger-eye microcrystalline 2.64-2.71 7.0 1.540-1.550 Bleaching for
"Honey Tigereye"

Tigereye rough and cabbed

Honey brown, reddish browns and bluish brown


Africa predominately, but relatively common throughout the world


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Tiger-eye is a chatoyant (cats' eye effect) variety of microcystalline quartz, that has replaced the asbestos mineral crocidolite. The fibrous nature of the replaced crocidolite is what gives tiger-eye its phenomenal quality. Fortunately, it is quite abundant, therefore reasonably priced. It has been claimed that tiger-eye has the ability to improve one's eyesight and insight; meditating on tiger-eye in sunlight can enable one to look clearly into the past and the future.