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NewPhysics Chat: Light Wave or Particle

Gemology with Tim Spauwen FGA

Cause of Color in Gems

Cause of Color in Gems 2
Cause of Color in Gems 3
Cause of Color in Gems 4
Cause of Color in Gems 5
Garnet 1
Garnet 2 Grossular & Andradite
Tourmaline Chat

The Beryls
Inclusions I

Physics with Brian

Hydrogen Energies
Hydrogen Energies 2
Hydrogen Energies 3
Hydrogen Spectroscopy
Hydrogen States
Ruby Fluorescence or
"How to turn a ruby into an
emerald, spectrally speaking

Microscopy I - Lenses
Microscopy II, Lenses Again
Microscopy Lenses III
Microscopy: Gathering Light
Numerical Appertures

Diffusion 1
Diffusion 2
Magnetism 1
Magnetism 2
Magnetism 3

Gemology with Frank Rafferty FGA

Color in Gems: Transition Metals
Color In Gems: Charge Transfer


Index of Past Gemmology Chats
Hosted by Alain vanAcker:

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Celebrity Chats

Cos Altobelli
Tom Chatham
Tom Chatham on Teminology: Created vs. Synthetic Richard Drucker & Stuart Robertson Richard Hughes Vincent Pardieu 1
Vincent Pardieu 2
Jolyon Ralph Robert Weldon Colin Winter Richard W. Wise

General Gemmology Chats
(Roundtable tutorials on topics of gemmological importance)
Famous Diamonds Geology as it Relates to Gemmology:Building Blocks of Gems Chemical Composition of Gems
Hardness & Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity 2. Specific Gravity 3 Nature of Light
Timezones: Coordinating Chat-Times
Study Tips for Gemmology Form& Habit Form & Habit, continued Guest Guru: Ars: Gemstone Cutting & More Optics Polarization Polarization 2 Polarization 3 Guest Guru: Classy Carat: Visual Optics Visual Gemmology, continued Colour in Gemstones Pleochroism Absorption Spectra Luminescence Practical Gemmology Corundum Corundum 2 Corundum 3 Beryl & Related topics Beryl & Related topics 2 Beryl & Related topics 3 Beryl 4 :The End Isomorphous Replacement in Garnet Isomorphous Replacement in Garnet 2 Ugrandite Garnets Quartz evolving into Fraunhofer lines Enantiomorphism, pyro- and piezoelectricity Tourmaline Group Tourmaline, continued (The Kerez Effect) Zircon Chrysoberyl, Alexandrite and Cymophane Basics of Atoms, Isotopes & Shells Intervalence Charge Transfers
Critical Angles and Total Internal Reflection
Gem-A Final Review Tutoring Session 1 Causes of colour - crystal field theory
Causes of Color:charge transfer
Causes of Color:band gap theory
Colour grading in coloured stones
Clarity grading in coloured stones
Practical use of the retardation plate