Yellow/Padparadscha Sapphire High/Low Heat Detection
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Author:  josh.l [ Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Yellow/Padparadscha Sapphire High/Low Heat Detection

Hi gang,

Been ages since I've posted but I'm hoping someone with some form of lab experience can help out. There's very little literature available in regards to determining low/high temp heat detection in padparadscha and yellow sapphires. Looking more for spectral (FTIR, UV-VIS) info, although I'm open to any cheek and osmosis method of testing if reliable. ;) I'm just looking for anything that will give a better indication when inclusions are a) nonexistent or b) generally intact? When inclusions are scarce, finding evidence of high temp heating can be challenging, which would otherwise get kicked over to GIA for their QA test for Be. When inclusions are intact, its almost impossible [for me] to determine if it was subjected to heat at all.

Thanks for any help and insight,

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