Relatively low cost hand held Raman Spectrometers
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Author:  dchallener [ Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Relatively low cost hand held Raman Spectrometers

Yes, RRUFF (Free on line) is available for basically ALL minerals.

I put in something like 500 spectra in the Ahura's Stephen sells, and that covers all the gemstones.
It also comes with software that allows IDing a large number of minerals using either an Android phone or a Windows machine.

I didn't see the previous question. Depending on which Ahura you got, one of them puts out an ascii representation of the spectra, which you can use CrystalSleuth to match. (I don't much like CrystalSleuth, myself, but it is FREE!) However many of the old Ahuras seem to have had the calibration be off a bit. I correct for that in my software, by first matching the spectra peak of quartz and diamond and doing a calculation of the shift and magnification of the spectra, and then correcting for it when I load spectra into the Ahura, or when matching outside the Ahura.

I also do resampling and normalization of spectra that I match outside the Ahura (I imagine they use peak matching inside - I use spectra matching outside.)

I just retired, so I may have time to try to analyze chemistry of some gems based on peak movement. I hope so - it sounds like a lot of fun.

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